Display Advertising

  • A Unique Approach
  • Engaging, Entertaining Multi-contact Campaigns
  • Online Video Changing Media Landscapes one Video at a time
  • Online Video Optimisation and Distribution

A Unique Approach

VLSA International Servicesbelieves in the power of the creative. Our company has a broad experience in running direct response and performance-based campaigns (CPA- cost per acquisition). However, our media buying methodology is different from anyone else's. Our teams don't simply provide the latest list of as many websites as possible. Instead, we take a bottom-up approach whereby we examine the campaign objectives and develop campaigns based on the creative output. To make a real impact online you need to really grab your audience's attention. This is why we believe that the creative is the leading aspect that makes a successful campaign. The scattergun approach never really works, and driving traffic to your website for the sake of it is, we believe, a waste of your time and resources. We source and determine the exact right fit of media to meet your objectives, and we help develop a campaign that will make a real difference. We believe in creating engaging partnerships, using loyalty as a tool and developing integrated campaigns.

Engaging, Entertaining Multi-contact Campaigns

VLSA International Serviceshas a proven track record: . Developing creative ideas that make an impact . Designing and developing campaigns that attract attention, engage audiences and build loyalty . Coordinating campaigns to create truly integrated marketing . Sourcing the right media for your creative rather than fitting the creative around the media . Originating multi-contact campaigns that build loyalty within audiences and convey your message .Using design and development teams who are experts in using the latest technologies to build the most powerful, entertaining and engaging campaigns We recommend using display integrated with your PPC campaign on the basis of recent studies which have quantified the impact of synergy on online spend. The very latest, a comprehensive analysis by comScore (December 2008), found that using display advertising in conjunction with your search campaign significantly increased return (percentage of visitors making a purchase increased by 121% using search only; 173% uplift using display and search).

Online Video Changing Media Landscapes one Video at a time

With the advent of broadband penetration, online video is becoming an increasingly popular form of communication. The spread of video file-sharing services and public access web-based TV is changing the media landscape as we know it. The availability of low-cost video production equipment and free web-based video distribution services creates a new era of video advertising and communications that are cost-effective and successful.

Online Video Changing Media Landscapes one Video at a time

VLSA International Serviceshas a proven track record:

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  • Develop video communications and resources that are creative, engaging and cost effective
  • Optimise and distribute video content through online media channels
  • Use video resources for Online Video PR releases (Video PR Releases are opened four times more often )