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Multilanguage Website Content

With over 70% of users of the web not speaking English, there are huge opportunities for your company to expand your markets and reach new audiences around the world. The marketing opportunity of the web is all about getting your website as visible as possible to global audiences. In order to achieve this affectively websites have to communicate to people in their own languages. For any company who wants to go global, multilingual content offers huge opportunities to bring the right traffic and right business to your site.

Multilingual Content Translation

Our localised approach to multilingual content translation means that each market is handled and approached differently. No other company in the world takes multilingual content translation as seriously as we do and has the resource to deliver local website content translation and copywriting expertise from one central team. Sekari has a network of offices in 26 countries around the world staffed by some of the leading experts in multilingual content copywriting and global translation services enabling us to provide content in pretty much any language.

SEO in Foreign Languages

Over 460 million internet users communicate in English to a native standard. However, there are over 1.5 billion internet users across the globe, meaning that the vast majority of web users are native speakers of a language other than English.

Although the majority of web pages on the internet are written in English, over half of all Google searches are in languages other than English, Research has shown that consumers are four times more likely to buy from a website that is written in their own language. Overall, more than half of all consumers only by from websites written in their native tongue. The research also identified that French and Russian consumers are four times less likely than Spaniards to buy from an English-Language site.

Any business that is marketing itself abroad should only ever do so in the language of its target market. The saturation of key search terms on non-English language websites is nowhere near what it is in English language websites. Therefore there is a real opportunity for businesses to rise rapidly in foreign search engines for high-ranking search terms.

India Multilingual Web Copywrite

Each of our multilingual web copywriters are specifically trained and experienced in writing copy for the web in their native language. Our central team in Dubai coordinates multilingual web copywrite from any of our 26 offices providing a fast and facilitated account management of any project however large or small. Because our teams are web copywriters foremost and translation experts second we ensure that web copy translation is not just a direct translation of the original copy, however, is translated and re-written to ensure it engages with the audience in their own dialect.

Copywrite for SEO

Because our network of offices around the world are all SEO experts, our core competence when developing copy is the consideration of search engine optimisation requirements. Therefore an important aspect of our Dubai Multilingual copywrite services is that we offer Multilingual SEO optimisation in any language.

Delivering quality multilingual content optimised for SEO is one of the key ingredients in increasing your sites page rank in different language search engines and essential to your global marketing strategy. Contact us or visit Multilingual SEO for more information.