Domain Registration

  • Domain Registration

Domain Name Management

Get that domain name before someone else does!

Domain Name Management is an important component of any online brand protection programme.

VLSA International Services will work to establish best practices where needed, including:

  • Website Development Copy
  • Centralised registration of domain names
  • Communicating registration policies throughout the organisation
  • Developing a domain strategy
  • During time of change, such as before the launch of a new product, considering what domains should be registered and managing/coordinating the effort

Domain Monitoring

In addition to managing domain registration, continuous monitoring for domains and especially sub-domains is a key element of protecting your Internet Intellectual Property rights. Internet brand and trademark infringements along with other infractions can result in a range of unintended consequences including:

  • Misleading consumers and exposing the organisation to liability
  • Diverting consumer traffic from its intended destination and thus reducing potential revenues
  • Falsely connecting corporate brands with illegal or offensive activities
  • Developing a domain strategy
  • Even accidental abuses by authorised resellers or agents can lead to significant financial loses and potentially damage customer relationships

One of the biggest challenges in today's environment - and potentially the biggest loss of revenue for many corporations - is counterfeiting or the sale of unauthorised items. It is currently estimated that 7% of global GNP is counterfeit sales. It is estimated that twice that number describes fraudulent goods sold on line. We have a variety of services that can identify unauthorised sales, including online auction. Sekari's Internet monitoring is a perfect complement to channel management and traditional intellectual property protection programmes.