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Pay-Per-Click India

Optimising your Pay-per-click campaign is not only a laborious, time-consuming task but one which requires a very particular analytical skill set. Getting it right means amazing returns, but not constantly monitoring your UAE PPC campaigns can result in a lot of wasted expenditure. It pays to constantly tweak your campaigns, keeping abreast of changing market conditions and ahead of your competitors.

PPC India

Google uses a system called Quality Score to decide how much the minimum PPC bid will be for a target phrase. It's imperative that your site is also organically optimised, as a higher quality score enables you to bid less for higher sponsored positions. In essence, Google judges how relevant your site is for the keywords you are bidding on. The higher the relevance, the lower your bid needs to be and the higher your sponsored listing appears. Conversely, if Google does not deem the landing page relevant to the keyphrases being bid on, it will cost more to rank higher, as the site is seen to offer little value to its visitors.

Experts in india PPC

Our India PPC experts provide a hands-on approach and complement the automated systems with a human touch. Our experts are all Google Adwords-qualified, and we offer the added advantage of our core search engine optimisation knowledge to ensure that our Dubai pay-per-click management services are targeted, affordable and accountable.

Campaign Monitoring

PRCC has a proven track record:

Your campaigns are monitored and your company is constantly kept up-to-date with any conversations that your customers may be having on the web. Using our enhanced brand management and social media monitoring services, we are able to track and index all conversations regarding your brand or campaign on the World Wide Web.

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Online PR for SEO

Our Interactive, Social Media and Online PR teams are able to work as an integral part of your marketing department, supporting your marketing efforts and providing in-depth knowledge and expertise. Alternatively, we are happy to work alongside any of your partners - be they advertising agencies, conventional PR or in-house PR agencies - to develop fully integrated communications campaigns.

Flexible Approach

Working in conjunction with any core SEO campaign, article and press release distribution can be an incredibly effective way of promoting your business's website and increasing traffic levels and awareness. From an SEO standpoint, link building and the links which PR releases and articles develop, are an incredibly powerful tool to increase the qualified references to your site and build search engines' confidence, thereby increasing your ranking over time. Online PR has become widely considered amongst the SEO fraternity to be the most powerful tool available to positively influence your website's rankings.