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Online PR

The most popular definition of Online PR is "maximising favorable mentions of your company, brands, products or websites on third party sites", indicating that current online PR objectives are more outreach and engagement-based rather than involving identifying, listening to and understanding stakeholders.

Interactive public relations have become one of the most powerful mediums in today's connected world. Through the use of interactive tools - such as search engines, Web 2.0, social bookmarking, new media relations, blogging and social media marketing - interactive PR or online PR allows companies to disseminate information to a worldwide and vibrant audience effectively, for little cost. Keeping up with technology has never been as important as it is today following the advent of social networks which have rocked the PR industry to its core. Identifying how and to whom to communicate your message is becoming ever more complex.

Developing an Online PR Strategy

Strong Search Engine ranking comes down to good quality content. And it is with this most basic understanding that Sekari partners with traditional Online PR strategists to offer more pro-active PR Strategies for our clients. Our PR team will develop an online PR strategy, identifying the core component messages and defining a schedule of topics and the frequency of content delivery. Part of the strategy includes a deep understanding of the various opportunities for publication, using our online Press Syndicates we deliver optimised PR releases around the world, which in turn deliver quality links back to your website.

Proactive PR Campaigns

At VLSA International Services, we develop what we call Proactive PR campaigns. Through a combination of creative writing, regional experience and the latest technologies, our Online PR teams identify opportunities to communicate with your audience and develop an engaging relationship. Our Interactive PR strategies use all the tools available and some innovative techniques to develop a constant flow of communication about your brand or services. We are constantly looking to re-invent the way you engage with your audience.

Campaign Monitoring

VLSA International Services has a proven track record:

Your campaigns are monitored and your company is constantly kept up-to-date with any conversations that your customers may be having on the web. Using our enhanced brand management and social media monitoring services, we are able to track and index all conversations regarding your brand or campaign on the World Wide Web.

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  • Campaign Management
  • Product Launch

Online PR for SEO

Our Interactive, Social Media and Online PR teams are able to work as an integral part of your marketing department, supporting your marketing efforts and providing in-depth knowledge and expertise. Alternatively, we are happy to work alongside any of your partners - be they advertising agencies, conventional PR or in-house PR agencies - to develop fully integrated communications campaigns.

Flexible Approach

Working in conjunction with any core SEO campaign, article and press release distribution can be an incredibly effective way of promoting your business's website and increasing traffic levels and awareness. From an SEO standpoint, link building and the links which PR releases and articles develop, are an incredibly powerful tool to increase the qualified references to your site and build search engines' confidence, thereby increasing your ranking over time. Online PR has become widely considered amongst the SEO fraternity to be the most powerful tool available to positively influence your website's rankings.