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Social Media Monitoring in India

As part of our social media monitoring service in Dubai, all commentary is rated according to its positive or negative sentiment. Although based in Dubai, online monitoring from Sekari trawls the world's online information to present you with a fully rounded picture of the global commentary around your brand.

The proprietary technology used in online monitoring automates the previously tedious task of manually deciding whether each mention is positive or negative. Online monitoring also lets you keep track of your competitors' online reputation, so you can see how favourable their consumer commentary is compared with your own.

India Online Monitoring Services

Strong Search Engine ranking comes down to good quality content. And it is with this most basic understanding that Sekari partners with traditional Online PR strategists to offer more pro-active PR Strategies for our clients. Our PR team will develop an online PR strategy, identifying the core component messages and defining a schedule of topics and the frequency of content delivery. Part of the strategy includes a deep understanding of the various opportunities for publication, using our online Press Syndicates we deliver optimised PR releases around the world, which in turn deliver quality links back to your website.

Reputation Manager

  • What themes should you emphasise in your marketing campaign?
  • How were they implemented?
  • What should you do?
  • Which aspects of the product resonate with consumers and which do not?
  • Has the outcome of a crisis damaged you?
  • On what score?
  • Who do you need to impress to rebuild your brand?
  • Who is talking about the brand?
  • Do they matter and if so to what degree?
  • How do they derive their authority?
  • How are they connected?
  • Who do you engage with and how do you work with them?
  • How do you prioritise an action plan?

An ongoing issue that is making waves on the Internet may be affecting your potential customers and partners in a good or bad way. Positive sentiment about you may be used as part of your company's marketing and PR campaigns. On the other hand, managing and changing negative sentiments around an issue or topic can be a non-trivial task. Problems or issues that start out small can be rectified if some attention is paid to it, but any long-running problem needs to be addressed with delicate care.

Product Launcher

Launching a new product or service can be a daunting task, especially if you attempt to do so without the latest view of your target audience. As a living and ever-expanding entity, online Internet 'chatter' is a great source of information. At Market Sentinel Sekari, we tell you not only what is being said, but also who is doing the talking and the sentiment around it. Using our tools and our fact-based recommendations, we provide you with the extra market intelligence to stay ahead of your competitors during any stage of your product launch roadmap.

Initially, we will help determine what the market place looks like to provide feedback for product development: Then we analyse the findings to provide advice: As the project approaches the launch date, efforts will be shifted to supporting your marketing/advertising and PR campaign. Here, our methodology will be refined to discover the best engagement strategy. Post-launch, we offer tools and reports to help gauge reaction and make adjustments that can be critical to success.

Crisis Manager

VLSA International Services crisis management services have two aspects - Firstly, we assign a dedicated analyst to monitor the rapidly changing online conversations around your business. Secondly we deliver up-to-date, insightful reports together with advice on actions to take. Our crisis recovery service helps you discover. We perform analysis on the new findings to give advice on.

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Would you like to identify the key authorities on your brand or issue?
  • Would you like them to endorse you rather than your competitors?
  • Would you like to understand, measure and manage your own authority and credibility on your key competitive issues, and to enhance the reputation of your brand?

A stakeholder analysis allows you to track your own authority in relation to a brand or issue. It allows you to understand how others achieve authority and to target your resources at ensuring that they support your message or brand..