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Web Solutions

We innovate new web designs and we do website development with passion. Static websites, Dynamic websites and Responsive web designs (Mobile, tablet and Desktop) are our specializations. When it comes to Responsive web designs, we evolve in customizing to high definition different screen resolution landing pages.

We don’t say ‘No’ to static websites, as it would be a customer’s specific requirement in accordance to the business. Static websites has its own pros and cons. Static websites are created to develop a web presence and it is just informative. Used by micro and smaller companies, static websites are hard to update and need web development expertise for any updation. Whilst above constraints, static websites costs a little low to host.

Dynamic websites are little costly in initial hosting comparative to Static concepts but the process of updation is quite simpler and can be done by the administrator/user with the help of a simple browser interface. Dynamic website is more user friendly when compared to static website.

Web Design

We are a supreme web designing company situated in Vadapalani, Chennai. We provide Interactive web design services for our customers. Our website designers are specialized and hand-picked by our management to compete in the web industry. As a connoisseur we are able to re-construct an existing obsolete website of our customers.

We sculpture attractive Landing pages for the website we design in order to familiarize the business of our customers, in the market. Among the millions of brands in the competition, our customers experience extraordinary hit rates to the websites we develop.

Our major focus for any website that we develop, covers the following factors :

  • Fabulous themes
  • HD Images (15MP& above)
  • Database
  • UI (User Interface)

To elaborate on the above part, we start with an contemporary and professional theme, focus on the Framework, give attention to the User Interface, get hold of mystic images, develop a brilliant content, concentrate on the nook and corner of each page and deliver the website with an unyielding quality.

We have a strong conviction on the flow of our website and strictly adhere to the below checklist :

  • Basic concept in which the website should be built.
  • Standards and specifications to be followed.
  • Timely delivery of the website.
  • Emphasis on the quality.
  • Enabling the website for modifications, updations.

We understand the basic target of the customer to attract Internet Traffic. Hence we design the web site Development accordingly for future enhancements like SEO compatible etc.

Web Development

As a pioneer in introducing new techniques in web platform, we are a competent website developing company in Chennai. We offer unbounded web development services and we also cater web application development to a wide range. We provide custom based website development in accordance to the need of the customer.


We understand the complexities in developing a website and since changes are inevitable we introduce compatibility of CMS(Content Management System) in the websites. Even though we are well skilled in HTML and CSS, we have evolved in adapting latest web development softwares like WordPress, Joomla, PHP, LAMP & WAMP. These contemporary softwares will enhance the effectiveness of CMS in the websites which we design.

Real Time Software

Apart from traditional softwares, we also design and develop Real time Softwares for our customers. For the design of Real time Software, we follow a stringent set of process flow, as listed below :

  • Getting the business requirement.
  • Analysis of business requirement.
  • Technical Architecture Planning.
  • Business logic Architecture Planning.
  • User analysis
  • Module wise separation
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Feedback
  • Modifications
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

For implementing the above process flow, we deploy an expert team to bring out the best results.

E-Commerce Site Development

E-commerce is a trading solution using Internet. At Belthink, we focus on developing user friendly Ecommerce business website. We do effective development of Ecommerce website.

Our E-Commerce web developers are highly proficient in the development of custom friendly E-Commerce websites, by using latest tools like Magento, Drupal, Presta Shop, Joomla, Open Cart. Online shopping can be customized with these tools, eradicating the complexities in the development of the website. E-commerce reduces the burden of customers by paving way to online transactions in a cost effective manner.

Gone are those days were you a need a laptop or a desktop to do online transactions. Nowadays online transactions are possible via mobile applications and e-Commerce websites are created to target the customers who find it difficult to do direct purchases. People find it tedious to visit the stores, compare the prices, believe the false promises of the sales representatives. So they expect an alternative and an easy solution to their purchase needs.

We have effective and user friendly payment gateway solutions and the links to these payment gateways are given brilliantly by our team, as we are more concerned about the end user’s pain of spending their valuable money.

As soon as we get the customer requirement, we design a rough layout of the website and we analyze the technical inputs, relating to the varieties of products to be included, availability of the stock, delivery time, providing methods to intimate the arrival of a particular commodity to an individual’s mail id, discounts & limited period website-package-pricing-chennai, refining the search, comparison of products, dealer specifications etc.

Apart from all these technical aspects, we excel in making the website compatible for Content Management and SEO.

Mobile Apps Development

On a market scenario where there exists a ‘Not-Possible’ situation without ‘Mobile Apps’, we have grown to the extent of building any type of Mobile App for any type of Mobile OS(Android, IOS and Windows). Whether it is a native development or a cross-platform development, we excel in all specializations.

What we do about mobile Apps ?


The target audience is our main focus and we suggest what type of App will be suitable for the specific requirement. We build the architecture of how the App should look like, what are the technical complexities to be faced, what are the tools which should be used for testing etc. All these details are carefully studied and documented.


When it comes to Design, we segregate the process into the following categories .

  • Theme selection
  • Front end design
  • Login credentials designing
  • Database connection
  • Payment gateway(for B2C clients)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mapping solution
  • Sorting out the complexities in uploading.

After uploading the App, we track the user response and hit rates. We also track the feedback through Social Media. So when it comes to the development of a App, we provide end-to-end solutions.

Digital Marketing

To familiarize your brand in the fast competing world, Belthink provides you Digital Marketing Strategy solutions.

Google being the master in search engine, plays a vital role in shrinking the world into a small device. Apart from traditional marketing, Search Engine Marketing has nowadays grown to the next level of familiarizing any business. Spending a huge amount in paper works and advertising banners has become obsolete in these days, after Internet has come into picture. People spend their money effectively in e-Advertisements and reap a huge profit. Display advertisements makes a huge impact in the browser’s mind about the product and creates an influence to know more about the product. Search Engine Marketing yields a very good profit in a triangular manner involving the seller, the marketing agency and the end user also.

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMM

Graphics Design

We innovate new designs with mystic concepts in the Letter heads, Posters, Pamphlets, Business card and Leaflet designs. Our Graphics services have the best benchmark and is appreciated by our clients in a huge manner. With an artistic approach of creating designs our team is trained and has expertise to bring out the imaginations of the clients. Rather than a monotonous approach of designs, we bring out the richness and ecstasy of the colors that we use in our designs. New creative design concepts, out of box thinking and splendid art are our key areas of focus.

For eg., a business card depicts the attitude of the person and the professionalism that he possess. So we understand the taste and needs of the client and make our designs accordingly. We focus much on the quality and the perfection of the outcome of our designs. We create contemporary design templates and themes in our work and hence we are able to eradicate the obsolete design methodologies.

Web Hosting

Similar to domain name, belthink website-package-pricing-chennai you a SEO friendly domain hosting in a good IP address. We have our dedicated server of 30TB bandwidth and we create mail ids based on your requirement. You can stop worrying about your hosting problems, when you step into belthink, as we take care of your hosting and maintenance based on the necessities.

Our server has a rapid response time and even if your website is loaded with lots of pages with high pixel images, our server’s response time doesn’t decrease.

Domain Name Registration

For any website, domain is the first and foremost thing which should be carefully constructed according to the concept of the business. The domain name should be unique and bilateral(in terms of conveying the concept and being catchy). So we suggest our customers the best domain names which will be apt for their business.

We provide our clients with contemporary & trendy domain names. We give our clients multiple name(domain name) combinations from which they can choose the appropriate one which they desire. The name suggestions will be based on the brand and will include the business keyword. While suggesting the domain name, we also keep in our mind about the possibilities of the rapidness which the domain can adapt in the search engine.