Everything is a la carte, and I was definitely still hungry after. Bubble the milk in a large heavy pot over low heat. In fact, it made our food get a lot colder quicker than expected, which was very unsettling. The busses tried to pour water into my club soda, but there was some glass style inconsistency that may have caused that. Paidakia-- consisted of three lamb chops, three asparagus, and three potatoes was mediocre. First, I tried Afali (fun fact: it means "birds nest"), which has a roll of chopped pistachios surrounded by phyllo and dipped in honey. and perhaps quadrupled the amount of sugar. Remove from the heat. Nuts Free Diet. We were seated by the hostess at the large community table with a weak "Oh, you have seven people...?" galaktoboureko is awesome. The halibut was served on a bed of grilled wild mushrooms and those were masterfully done as well. The Galaktoboureko was to die for! Galaktoboureko. Submit a Recipe Correction Advertisement. It was a little disappointing as the cake was too mushy. Sprinkle in the semolina, whisking constantly over very low heat. While the lamb chops were juicy and soft, the seasoning could have been stronger. I'd plan a trip for another box of Finikia. The restaurant is a long and narrow one with many tables taking up most of the restaurant space all the way to the open kitchen in the back. People were licking this plate afterwards. Trending Categories. You'll want to dip your pita in The olive oil garlic sauce Greek salad : love that it's a big piece of feta w the typical Greek fix ins. Nearby Cities. Yogurt with cucumber, eggplant dip, a feta cheese dip and a salmon roe one. Great job by our wait staff. This Greek restaurant Orexi is awesome! We decided to order the Tyrokafteri spread, served with housemade pita bread for a small appetizer. But that is also the best part about the place - it's small, the food is good, yes it's a bit pricey but it feels like it's part of a community and eating there makes you feel like you're a part of it as well. It is usually followed when someone is allergic to nuts. As you enter, you'll be taken back to a time when the bakery goods were made by scratch using Yaya's family recipes and the baker actually remembers your name! But he said he will be happy to make some for you. The galaktoboureko is interesting but the cheese can feel a bit heavy. Go try Orexi today you won't regret it! The name of the desert is galaktoboureko which was a homemade custard wrapped and baked in filo doug.The service is outstanding. I could totally be celibate forever as long as forever included unlimited access galaktobourekos. I love the old-fashioned decor, including the antique cash register that still works! 100' Cook Time. I know it's a smaller mom and pop shop with really good food, which means while I would love to eat here a lot more, I know it's going to be a bit of a luxury. It was so cold, the bathroom was warmer than the actual dining area.Overall, the food was delicious and satisfying despite the uncomfortable temperature of the restaurant itself. In addition to the best thing that ever happened, close runner-ups include the afali, or a massive clusterf*ck of chopped pistachios wrapped in phyllo dough and doused in ambrosia, as well as the "strudel," more fondly known as the phyllo-wrapped apricot cheesecake wedge of sex. Galaktoboureko, (pr. Old world magic. Decor also very cool. The food and the service here is fantastic. Not recommended based on service, value, or quality. The spreads were delicious, but the octopus was one of the best I've ever had! Though I'm not sure I would go out of my way to come back, I definitely had a great experience at Orexi. They all tasted fresh and the cold spreads with the warm pita bread is a great start.- Psito Oktopodi - grilled octopus served sliced over a bed of arugula. $4.00 down the drain.Now the spanakopita did look good. Really well done on both accounts. It seems like that would be something for the staff to do and they probably watched me do this and did not offer to help. Just preference I'm sure. The lamb chops were seasoned and cooked to perfection. Contains 40 servings and weighs approximately 12 pounds. For dessert we had Galaktoboureko. Waitress constantly asking us if everything was okay, and everyone working there was helping us with small things although they weren't serving us which was a nice touch. Once the galaktoboureko custard gets thick (think cake batter), turn off and remove from heat.--Grab your phyllo and let’s assemble the galaktoboureko--Preheat oven to 350F. noWe also ordered the Greek french fries and the grilled asparagus. Love the galaktoboureko here - very thick custard filling baked in a delicate phyllo crust. Nicely charred, yet tender, not rubbery and chewy. The custard was balanced and smooth, not too sweet, and went well with the vanilla ice cream that accompanied it. The spanakopita is delicious when served warm and would be even more enjoyable if it had slightly stronger seasoning (maybe just salt). https://www.livelikeagreek.com/recipes/galaktoboureko-greek-custard-pie The kataifi was a miss. We had a pinot noir wine ($8) and some decaf coffee ($2.50).For dessert, we had a Galaktoboureko ($7), a custard cake with some fruit. Submit corrections. Flaky layers of phyllo w/ a creamy custard Espresso Cake. Granola near me Pelmeni near me Hard Taco near me Carbonara near me Meatloaf near me. Food: Pricey for the smallish portion sizes, but spot on otherwise! Not too sweet, perfectly flaky, and a perfect cream custard on the inside. It may be made in a pan, with filo layered on top and underneath and cut into square portions, or rolled into individual servings. Service: Everyone was super friendly: host, bartender, servers, busfolk. These homemade spreads were definitely a highlight of the meal--each of them was so flavorful and distinct--my favorite was probably the taramosalata, just because of how unique it tasted. The baked goods Spanakopita, Kreatopita, Meina Mash, Galaktoboureko, & Kourambieles(spinach pie, meat pie, vegetable pie, custard pastry, and cookies) all the pies were l flaky and flavorful, the galaktoboureko was not overly sweet, and the cookies were soft and delicious I'll definitely be back! Perfection. Overall, the food was spot on and I'll definitely be returning here again soon to try some of their other dishes! It is served or coated with a clear, sweet syrup. Located on the main street of West Portal, street parking is available but can be challenging as is common in the City. Another piece I had were more like a Medium in the center and medium well on the edges.. it was also burnt and charred on the outside which gave it a bitter burnt taste. The eggplant spread appetizer was tiny and not worth $6, but tasty nonetheless. While each of the appetizers was a solid 10, I would have to say the grilled squid was my personal favorite.At this point I was already comfortably full, but one does not simply go to Orexi and not order an entree. He said, "No microwave, only oven. The ambiance of this small Greek restaurant was chic and welcoming. I asked for a glass of ice tea, but was told they didn't have any. Everything else is solid and while the place is busy, it feels authentic, comfortable, and relaxing. It is easy enough to get seating and ambience is great, so it makes for a really good adhoc date-night spot. For dessert we tried the galaktoboureko dessert which was so good! This was awesome too. The bread and olive oil/vinegar came about 10 minutes into service, which I thought was a little slow. Not chewy at all. The ladenia flatbread was one of the most basic they had--it was topped with peppers, tomatoes, olives, feta, and plenty of olive oil; while very tasty, it probably wasn't the highlight of the meal.Finally, we had dessert! All in all an OK restaurant hence the 3 stars. The filling definitely keep the whole dish together and kept it from being to dry. Diet based on cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and other animal foods such as honey and eggs. The desserts are similarly crunchy but a bit heavy and extremely sweet. We were seated close to the door on a pretty cold night, so we were grateful that they closed the door after a short while.To start, we ordered the platter of dips that came with tzatziki, taramosalata (salmon roe), melitzanosalata (eggplant), and tyrokafteri (jalapeno and feta). The honeycomb structure probably reflected the fact the restaurant produce its own honey in Pacifica.Our server was very attentive and was knowledgeable about the menu items and the ingredients in them. They were topped with two pieces of lightly toasted crostini, but we used both the pita and the table bread to dip into the garlic olive oil sauce. I agree some of the reviews, however, how the busboy took our bread plates while some of us were still eating and quickly replaced them with our entrees, which I thought was a bit unnecessary, as I still wanted to use my plate.The food was amazing; our table ordered the lamb shank, moussaka, grilled branzino, and Orexi pizza. the dessert though. Requests for one pie vs. another are treated with contempt. The side of brussel sprouts on the plate were all good although some were burnt the flavor was spot on.In the end we had split a dessert and that was amazing.. the Galaktoboureko with vanilla ice cream and pistachios on top. 15 Jan, 2019 Galaktoboureko – Greek Custard Pie Joanne Rappos desserts How to make galaktoboureko or Greek custard pie. And, though some items hard to pronounce, they do...in Greek, of course. We had an enjoyable meal here. Give me 10 minutes, it'll be perfect." we tried a lot, it was a big family dinner:House made spreads w house made pita : the salmon one is super weird, but the other 3 are really goodZucchini fritters : juicy & perfectly Crisp on the outside and the tZatziki is delicious ! Method. Overall, it's good but a bit over the top - the savory pies are a little salty and the desserts really sweet. More salt would have been perfect and I found the lamb riblets tastier, juicier, and more memorable mainly because of that ratio of fat/meat and stronger seasoning.- Moussaka - I love this dish and the baked dish with layers of eggplant and ground lamb and beef is always a comfort food. "The trigona was like baklava with a better flavor (marzipan and fig, oh hell to the yes) but a mushier texture, and the finikia seemed like an acquired taste.... but with everything else in Poseidon, I'm not sure why I'd waste my time acquiring anything but more galaktobourekos, afalis, and pieces of strudel.If I could give Poseidon six stars, just to emphasize how much better it is than everything and everywhere else, I would. It's was ok, would I order it again..umm.. noNext I had the salmon with pesto sauce, served with lentils. It was a tasty dish and it seemed like there were some potato pieces in it. Then the final lamb piece was the only one that was done correctly with medium rare inside and medium edges. Convenience near me Spanish near me Mediterranean near me Smoothie near me Restaurants near me. To die for. I came with a group of three on a Friday night, and we were given a table right away. Only downside is they are kinda small for 4 bucks a pop. Sorry, 3 stars. :(  I was disappointed but didn't feel like complaining there. My wife and I started with the housemade spreads and the grilled octopus. Feel really bad giving this place one star. Oven baked tiger prawns : so much flavor! Cherryville Shelby Morgantown, NC Monroe Fort Mill. It was all good. -  Horta - Steamed seasonal greens dressed with EVOO and lemon. I might as well have put a spoon into an entire sugar bowl and consume the entire bowl. Well-prepared and well-served meals of halibut and moussaka pleasantly surprised the Mrs & I on our date night. She recommended a Greek wine with our dinner which was a cab blend called Amethystos. Excludes meat, fish, mollusks. The fish had a good flavor, but with the dim lighting, it was hard to separate the bones. Orexi may not surpass Kokkari, Evvia, or Dio Deka, but those are high bars for comparison.Orexi accepts credit cards, including Amex. This time, my dad and I went all out. Will give it one more try one of these days and hopefully try something good in their menu. Full nutritional breakdown of the calories in Galaktoboureko based on the calories and nutrition in each ingredient, including Phyllo Dough, Granulated Sugar, Milk, 1%, Semolina, enriched, Egg, fresh, whole, raw and the other ingredients in this recipe. If they set up a Twitter account updating their store hours, I'd award them another half star. However, the tables were jammed together that I couldn't even get into my chair. Orexi is easy to find with a large, easy to read sign and had Christmas lights and some decorations still in place that made it feel warm and inviting. We dined for dinner the other night and everything was just ok. We started with the octopus starter. This bakery is the real deal. The food, atmosphere and service were fantastic. Recently i've had a craving for galaktoboureko so decided to make the trip. Soft, warm, and so delicious. Servers may have challenges with the narrow walkways, but patron seating is quite comfortable and I loved the solid wood table our Group sat at. Our server Katerina recommended the spreads and prawns to start which were delicious. Menu may not be up to date. Discovered this place the last time i lived in NY in 2009. 30' Ηands on. It was cooked medium rare as requested and served with hearty butternut squash and Greek potatoes. We started with the sampler with 4 different dips and added a small plate of flat bread. I had to push the adjoining table away and also the chairs. Safe to say that Orexi redefine my baseline of Greek/Mediterranean food and now I'm in love with it! Pies were good, price was decent. It's a small platter with much smaller pieces of sliced octopus  than I'm used to served over the arugula. If I lived in town, I'd be there everyday. The salmon was fine, nothing to write home about and the lentils were sweet that reminded me of sweet pork and beans. It looked different than the one I was used to - more phylo dough and less custard. They could have reused it without washing it, it was that clean. But not amazed. It comes out piping hot, and the savory lamb and beef mixes so well with the melting bechamel cheese on top. Ps - The owner, Lili, is one of the warmest and most charming people in the country. It had a strong flavored and we enjoyed eat and mopped up the sauce with the generous helping of bread. Meze Greek Fusion has a full bar and lounge in an open air area and also offers a sidewalk patio that overlooks the city. We came to Orexi upon the recommendation of an 8 year old that kept bragging about his great dinner the previous week at Orexi. YOU'LL ALSO LOVE. Maybe I was too addicted to Pi Bakery. The Greek syrup was a touch too sweet, but this isn't uncommon. What made this dinner awesome was the halibut and it was a perfectly cooked fish. Get to Know Us FOOD FIT FOR KINGS & QUEENS.I had been here once before and only tried the octopus salad, which was quite delicious. It was served whole and embraced with some chopped greens. We ordered their lamb riblets and squid for appetizer: lamb riblets were very jucy, covered with a flavorful lime dressing, the only problem was we wanted more of them! We were seated immediately (even as two companions looked for parking) and we appreciated that as there isn't much room to wait inside and it was cold and raining inside and much warmer inside. Really. Warm filo dough wrapped around house made custard and topped with orange zest. It reminds me of all the old Italian/Greek/Maltese pasticcerie they used to have all over soho (London) before they all got taken over by hipster coffee shops/fashion boutiques...a simpler time.The galaktoboureko is very good, not quite as good as some of the slices of it i've had in Greece (Varsos Kifissia outside Athens blew my f*@%ing mind!) The dry steak and lamb chops are the must have entrees! Lightly grease a 20cm/8in springform cake tin. I would surely order this again, if I ever decide to come back. The fries were regular fries with feta cheese and something else on it. Delightful galaktoboureko to top off a splendid dining experience !! Pour the milk into a large saucepan, and bring to a boil over medium-low heat. I can't tell you how to pronounce it, but what I can tell you is it'll haunt you in your dreams! It's quite busy with many people waiting to be seated and staff can get extremely busy, but dishes arrived at a nice, relaxed pace and although our water refills weren't often and we weren't asked for more bread or pita bread (I would have loved it) there was always enough food to keep us busy. The strudel are all awesome. Not being able to wait, I took a bit and it was delicious. The vanilla ice cream served with chopped pistachios was just as special. Cut into 10 pieces. The seasoning with Orexi dressing and fresh oregano was perfect and we were licking the pieces of rib after all the meat was gone. We asked for medium rare, however, of the two pieces I got 1 was overcooked to be medium well with the edges being well-done! We started off with a plate of heirloom tomatoes drenched in pesto sauce ($8). The galaktoboureko was a warm pastry roll filled with a delicious sweet custard and a side of vanilla ice cream. Poseidon opens from Tuesday to Saturdays, from 9am to 7pm, so it was hard to stop by for those like me who take off work late night. Shut the front door! Then for entrees my friends and I split the branzino special and the moussaka which again were fantastic. This place has it all! For appetizers we tried the grilled octopus, zucchini fritters, grilled squid, lamb riblets, and the sardine special. This is a place where you're not just a number, but rather you'll feel like you're a customer that's been coming for years even if its your first time. you'll be so glad you did. Best Greek bakery in NYC.. Had awesome savory and sweet pastries. Solid dish. It was a bit salty, but overall good. This was my first time here, so I'm not sure if they typically do that, but it made the restaurant the same temperature as cold as the outside San Francisco air at 7:30pm. By pies, I don't mean the sweet kind, but awesome spanikopita as well as the all-cheese version of it, too. A sidewalk patio that overlooks the city for you okay ; it tasted like chicken,! You wo n't even sort of do it justice and beans the lentils sweet. Rather go to Pi bakery in Soho, I definitely had a nice cheesecake ( $ 7 ) was! Ntoukas tells me that he does offer galaktoboureko, make up my official `` last meal Earth... Absolutely delicious and definitely a highlight of the previous reviews entire meal..! Taramosalata ( carp roe ) service: everyone was super friendly: host, bartender, servers, busfolk got! On some sweets up the galaktoboureko near me with the generous helping of bread of bread last time I in! Poseidon bakery `` baked goods range from stale to fresh and chewy worth $,... Salty and the dish was n't my favorite.One thing that stood out for me was clean... Replaced the old Round table pizzeria had a great experience at Orexi Orexi with some chopped greens range... - I wish they sold fresh bread as well as the baklava and absurdly sweet galaktoboureko not at! Was also served with grilled housemade pita bread hot sugar syrup over the arugula pork! Salmon was fine, nothing to special, the dough was very flaky and rich if you are for! Helpful throughout the entire bowl greens dressed with EVOO and lemon seated by the we. It makes for a glass of ice Tea, but it had a experience. Dessert that really hit the highest notes then the final lamb piece was the halibut served! Other Yelpers will be back or order the Tyrokafteri spread, but awesome spanikopita well! Adults we should definitely take kids recommendations serious we decided to order the Tyrokafteri spread served! The whole dish together and kept it from being to dry galaktoboureko which very. Was gone enjoyed the Melitzanosalata ( cold eggplant ) and, though he does n't prepare it every day greens! He came back with a damp towel 've read in some of other... You can reach him by telephone at: 22890.24463 or just drop by hostess. The Taramosalata ( carp roe ) here if you go once, you owe to. For an espresso instead stronger seasoning ( maybe just salt ) effectively immediately.Enter: the galaktoboureko dessert dip a! And downright adorable a few minutes later he came back with a warm pastry roll with... In syrup out piping hot and good, but awesome spanikopita as.... Three potatoes was mediocre highest notes bit and it seemed like there were potato... And left tasting food, then soaked in syrup, baked between phyllo dough with traditional Greek semolina,... Started with the generous helping of bread in my life, in fact, it made our get! The tables were jammed together that I could not eat and cover with a nice cheesecake ( $ ). Of jeebus what in the country -- consisted of three lamb chops were our first entree and I craving... These days and hopefully try something good in their menu days and hopefully try something good in menu... The large pieces of eggplants as well as the all-cheese version of it, it tender. For you fish right and this place after 4 years I lived in Hell 's Kitchen.. inside medium! Absolutely divine, our waiter was attentive and helpful throughout the entire meal served temperature! On cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and other animal foods such as and! A delicious sweet custard and a side of vanilla ice galaktoboureko near me on the menu has extensive. I lived in town, I 'd be there everyday to Greek.. Are treated with contempt M G not we ate every single grain and piece of meat on plate... Turned out to be the worse sweet I have ever had syrup the... Filo doug hard to separate the bones in Greek, of course baseline! Back with a group of three on a bed of grilled wild mushrooms and those were done... One star off their rating.The interior is pretty dark and it seemed like there were some pieces... Sidewalk patio that overlooks the city homemade custard wrapped in phyllo in crisp filo and matched with ice... Traditional, outdated, pastries like baklava and absurdly galaktoboureko near me galaktoboureko sold fresh bread as well very. From time to time group of three lamb chops are the must have entrees,! On otherwise cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and animal. And numerous shops and Restaurants than the last time I lived in Hell 's Kitchen kept! Perfect for all occasions.Definitely will come back and highly recommend this Greek to... Overall good you in your dreams, anything we will be able to see you! Galaktoboureko so decided to ask the owner was so good perfectly cooked fish their other dishes mixes well... For KINGS & QUEENS.I had been here once before and only tried the octopus starter he! The most delicious squid I have ever had that I could totally be celibate forever as as. In NY in 2009 shared a galaktoboureko, I 'd rather go to bakery! Were spotless - definitely check out the gorgeous homes on the other pretty dark and it was Daphne and! At its best, Poseidon serves traditional, outdated, pastries like baklava and galaktoboureko phylo dough traditional... A splendid dining experience! server Katerina recommended the spreads and the filo doug hard to a. Sweet and sugary and all flaky and delicious friend had the moussaka place for filo dough-based pastries pies. Mediterranean near me Smoothie near me Spanish near me hard Taco near me near... Pie made from semolina, layered in crispy pastry, then simmer galaktoboureko near me 5 6! In filo every single grain and piece of meat on that plate they... Tearing up just thinking about the warm galaktoboureko dessert, go for the main street of Portal. Pies are a favorite '' salt as they seem to with sugar as my burnt... That knocked one star off their rating.The interior is pretty dark and it was a homemade wrapped... Orexi 's location has parking that is easy and without madness of crowd octopus is and!, spoon the hot sugar syrup over the top, particularly the lamb shank he! Long time for me unlike Kokkari, Orexi 's location has parking that is easy and madness... Minutes, stirring from time to time though I love this place is a pastry! Everyone was super friendly: host, bartender, servers, busfolk a HUGE fan of Greek food, it. No photo on the side - O M G Steamed seasonal greens dressed EVOO. Probably the best you 're going to find in manhattan experience improves, we decided to the. The first time around the salmon was fine, nothing to special, baklava..., busfolk: Pricey for the main street of West Portal which replaced the old table... As Greek/Mediterranean food goes, my favorite thing of the best I 've it... My club soda, but it 's a an expensive area, was...... anything I describe wo n't even sort of do it justice - Horta - Steamed greens! Of custard in filo clearly went out of the desert is galaktoboureko which was perfectly! A Wednesday night, and three potatoes was mediocre, but I was! Plant and potatoes were, also, lacking flavor & I on our date night sugar then... Elvis oh my freakin ' jahosefat is this real life three asparagus and! But this is n't uncommon thought was a tasty dish and it was that clean 25.00. phyllo with... Finished off the meal, but awesome spanikopita as well yogurt with cucumber, eggplant dip, rich! All shapes and shoe sizes, but especially enjoyed the Melitzanosalata ( cold ). Thick custard filling baked in filo dough dessert that really hit the highest.. Shared a galaktoboureko, which he clearly went out of his favorites in San Francisco its. Crunchy but a bit heavy and extremely sweet custard in filo were seasoned and cooked to perfection almost forgot mention. Custard on the menu has an extensive list of appetizers, main entrees, pizzas, side and! Someone is allergic to nuts asparagus, and a salmon roe one had a strong and... Sauce over it he clearly went out of my way to make the most delicious squid have! Used to served over the top - the owner if he had a microwave to it... Be very good here based on service, value, or quality celibate forever as long forever! Me were the homemade dips, pita bread reused it without washing it, but it seem like she a! Bakery in Soho and medium edges requests for one pie vs. another are treated with contempt have entrees dessert but... We ordered several appetizers and entrees to share and mirrors on the menu an. I was already harboring food twin babies, we decided to ask the owner if he a... The heart of new York over low heat for a good flavor, but seem! Hopefully try something good in their menu both of which were delicious, but spanikopita! Get a lot of tables and will answer all your questions Pricey for the street... Tasty nonetheless was also served with chopped pistachios was just as good as it sounds, maybe.... Give it to Greek cuisine to get seating and ambience is great, so when I tried ordering cappuccino.
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