Come play with me to learn how to raid like top robber and grow biggest army in server (Roman army raiding + training 24/7 the with 150% 15C secured ). All in all you're looking at around 5-10 attacks in one wave to properly hit and take out a village. Your stats are indisputable and an alliance playing as a team would do well to have some Egyptian players for storage however; - Travian has a rule that an account should be played for its own benefit, so some domains would frown on using accounts this way. Gold user: get a 15 cropper (1/1/1/15) with high crop oasis, this skyrockets your resource production. The Resheph Chariot is well-versed in all fields of combat. This means every hero will get 3 experience points. The strong economy and efficient organization of the Egyptians cause relatively cheap unit production, when it comes to small units. Roman troops are considered the elite of the game in which every individual is strong. Read below and decide your compatibility with teutons first. Those of course come with their own set of units! Romans are one of the three tribes in Travian and they are usually the second most popular tribe (30-40% players of each server are usually Romans). Also just settle far. Really focus on the crops when you want more troops. Cons: 1) Requires a lot of gold typically, NPC'ing in multiple towns 2) Def build can be slowed as crop dwindles. For our annual special in September, we have prepared two entirely new tribes for you: The Huns and the Egyptians. If you have an excess of crop building up make more troops. Travian: Legends Blog. Almost all successful hammers in the end game are teutons . It looks like Khopesh Warriors and Resheph Chariots are the troops to use but Anhur Guard are faster and a lot cheaper than Chariots, plus they only have a 2 wheat upkeep instead of 3. 4) Troop losses are not generally a big deal - too many troops anyway. Assuming there are 10 heroes defending and all attacking troops get killed, since the supply is the same for each hero (6 crops) it means that each hero will get 10% experience out of the amount of total killed supplies. - Not everyone plays with the intention of building a hammer or an anvil. But don't get this gleaming fact get you. Your secondary attacking troops like Axeman follow up to get rid of the harder to kill forces, maybe even a hero or two and finally, you use your TKs and cats to start hitting the village. Hey guys I just came back to Travian when the new tribes were introduced and I was wondering how an Egyptian hammer should be built? Hello, I am an oldtime experienced travian player and I am with no.1 alliance in server with 2nd largest army in alliance (top 20 server). The Huns – Breakdown of the units. They are very balanced and are strong in both attack and defense. This enables you to get a decent amount of troops. Yes, you CAN have the biggest hammer, but only if you have a LOT going for it (A lot of raiding and an amazing 15c). Egyptians are not a great offensive tribe, looking at troops and how much attack they have per crop and resources invested the Egyptian hammer is the worst. Then just npc to upgrade your crops and repeat to get a high max of troops. Teutons are the most funky tribe and the most successful raiders. Play around with your resource management this way. Travian: Legends Blog. Army infrastructure (Barrack, Stables, troop upgrades, Tournament Square) Troops itself; The aim is to maximise the worth of your resources and never let them go to waste. 3) Depends on others to hold excess troops for standing so troop production can continue 4) Upkeep and maintenance is most expensive of all defender types. If you have an excess of iron build up your smithy barracks. Their strength lies in their numbers. Let’s find out what they are, what they can do … ... Today, we will be inspecting the Egyptian troops! Troops for Egyptian hammer? The Anhor Guard is a mounted defender that dominates any attacking infantry. Their infantry are the best in the game for their purpose. This, unfortunately comes at the cost of their cavalry being the worst in the game. In addition to moderate ability in offense and defense against cavalry, they are the fastest Egyptian unit after the Sopdu Explorer.
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