or Best Offer. Guaranteed by … No publishers are sponsors of CPG. Following after the crooks, they find a secret meeting of all the missing criminals. Appearing in "The Coming of Captain Marvel! A classic origin / first appearance of Captain Mar-Vell. Akers is telling the listening audience that the Human Torch and Toro are menaces who need to be put behind bars as he sees that they cause more harm than they do good. Credits: Stan Lee / Roy Thomas - Writer Double size, Final Issue Direct Edition With oxygen running low they cannot generate sufficient flame to free themselves. MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS 1-12, Including #8! New customers save up to 25%, use code: New4 Learn where to read it, and check out the comic's cover art, variants, writers, & more! Marvel Super-Heroes Comic books for sale online. Discover a character's comic book appearances, and browse issues containing your favorite Marvel characters! FMV & Sale History. 99 Marvel We are Super Heroes: All Special, All Different, All Powerful! (Marvel Comics) Marvel Super-Heroes: Secret Wars #12B Value. Conflagration starring Black Panther, First Captain Marvel. ", Appearing in "The Abduction of King Arthur! / "Where stalks the Sentry!" Please enable JavaScript to use cover scan uploader. Packaged Value. With this guide, we want you to meet 14 very special Marvel Super Heroes, including Captain Marvel (who is brave), Moon Girl (who has big dreams), Hawkeye (who likes new challenges), and Black Panther (who protects people). Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, No. For being 35 years old, this comic has aged perfectly, there is no flaws with this comic. The Torch and Toro follow after it and they are led to a subway tunnel. 1950s Captain America, Human Torch, and Sub-Mariner [Stan Lee, Gene Colan, Dick Ayers, Don Rico, John Romita, Joe Maneely, Bill Everett, et al] on Amazon.com. All issues HIGH GRADE! Includes a Bullpen Bonus Page announcing the debut of Marvel Value Stamps. Browse the Marvel Comics issue Secret Wars (1984) #12. $124.95. Cover price $0.20. Following after the Jet through the tunnels under the city, the Torch and Toro are tricked into being sealed in an air tight room. With his super-human abilities fading, the Sub-Mariner is asked by Namora to return to Atlantis to meet with the Emperor. First appearance of … Freeing King Arthur, both are attacked by more of Mordred's minions but the Black Knight and the King easily slay them. He tells the Destroyer that it is a false documents made to lead the Nazis into a trap. The pair race to the studio where the Jet intends to broadcast his phony atomic attack warning and catch Gary Akers giving the news over the radio. KEY. Bobby explains he joined up with the crooks to try and assert his independence from his father but realized the mistake he was making when learning the Jet's plan. Original Content © and logo ® 1995-2020 ComicsPriceGuide.com, Inc. All other material © and logos ® are owned by respective copyright holders. Marvel Super Heroes #12-13 Captain Marvel #1. The Sub-Mariner battles Krang in Moment of Truth! $129.00. The Torch and Toro flame on and try to break up the meeting and capture the Jet, but the Jet manages to escape when he opens a gas valve filling the room with explosive gas, forcing the Torch and Toro to flame off in order to prevent an explosion that could kill thousands of innocent people. Akers changes into the Jet and confronts the Torch in the sky with a flame thrower, telling the Torch that his suit is lined with asbestos to prevent the Torch from harming him. Villains from a number of the least thumbed pages of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe provided in a fun and inclusive method. THERE ARE NO VARIANTS OR EXCLUSIVES FOR THIS ISSUE. With no proof that Mordred was behind this attempt keeps silent about who was responsible. The program is quickly turned off and Macklin dismisses it as sensationalism to draw in viewers. The Black Knight quickly flees outside the castle walls and climbs down into the dungeon. Namor then subjects to himself the device and finds his powers restored to normal. Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man's First Appearance), Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man's First Appearance), Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine's First Appearance), Supreme Intelligence (Earth-616)/Mentions, 2 Image(s) from Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 12, 6 Reprints of Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 12, https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Marvel_Super-Heroes_Vol_1_12?oldid=5434001, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. $5 - $20 Un-Packaged Value. He explains to the two flaming heroes that he has been getting reports of criminals from all over the country arriving in New York and then suddenly vanishing without a trace. Marvel, 12/1984 Origin of the alien symbiote that eventually becomes Venom. Their leader is a jetpack wearing masked criminal calling himself the Jet, who is plotting to take over a television station and order the evacuation of New York City so that they can loot the entire city. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Nazis then prepare to meet the invasion force in Chapelle. Mordred steps down from the throne returning it to Arthur. Later, the Torch and Toro take Bobby back to his father where the two reconcile their differences. "Berserker!" Right away added Quinjet and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 PC sport stays a perfectly boisterous and fulfilling take pleasure in. / "Out of the holocaust-- a hero!" Marvel Super-Heroes #12, Dec. 1967. The Hulk battles an android in The Humanoid and the Hero! Suspecting that Byrrah was responsible, the Sub-Mariner confronts him and forces him to turn over the formula. As they fly to Bobby's home, Toro thinks he sees a man flying over the city, but the Torch dismisses it as Toro's imagination and suggests that his partner has been reading too many science fiction stories. Buffet of comics lore proposing resurrected heroes! Under Yon-Rogg's command, who plots for Una to be his instead of Mar-Vell's, the crew leaves Captain Marvel on earth while the Kree crew watch from space. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12 About Analyzer Modeler. The superior officer then orders for the capture of the Destroyer. Percy changes into the Black Knight, and as he exits Merlin's chambers he is spotted by Mordred's minions who attack him. See Also. Free shipping. The resistance fighters sacrifice their lives to maintain the ruse and the Destroyer is knocked out and taken prisoner. However, this goes according to the Allied plans and while the Allied Forces wipe out the Nazis on the beach, the Destroyer breaks out of his cell and flees into the night ready to terrorize the Nazis again. Angelo notes: Along with ASM #252, Spectacular #90 and Marvel Team-up #141 this is another must own book for the Spider-man collector/investor interested in the black suit that eventually becomes Venom Using a secret passage way to get to the upper levels of the castle, King Arthur announces his return to his people and explains what happened. 2 Image(s) from Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 12; 6 Reprints of Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 12; Footnotes When the crew refuses to believe him, the Sub-Mariner angrily sinks it before returning home. Browse the Marvel Comics issue Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) #12. On the surface, the Sub-Mariner spots what appears to be a Russian sub attacking an American ship. Learn where to read it, and check out the comic's cover art, variants, writers, & more! Ships from and sold by A+M Enterprises. First Captain Marvel. 812,000 DC Marvel & other comic books for sale. Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Ultimate Super Hero Set, 10 Collectible 2.5-Inch Action Figures, Toys for Kids Ages 3 and Up (Amazon Exclusive) 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,410 $29.99 $ 29 . This issue contains a letters page, Marvel Mailbag. Get the best deals for marvel super heroes 12 at eBay.com. Marvel Super Heroes (1967 1st Series) #12 GD 2.0. #8 in this year’s Top 50. Games Movies TV Video. The Torch chases him off, leaving Toro behind to tell the listening audience that the warning was all a hoax. A Kree crew, along with Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) lands on earth. Double size, Final Issue Newsstand Edition Mordred and Morgan le Fay use this opportunity to take control of the kingdom, despite the protests of Arthur's wife Queen Guinevere, but her protests are easily silenced. However, the Torch instead ignites the gas in the Jet's rocket pack causing it to explode and sending the Jet falling to his death in a blazing fireball. This issue features the Debut of Captain Marvel. An hour later the Torch and Toro pay a visit to Chief Wilson to see what he can do to help them with the issue of Jake Macklin's son Bobby, however Wilson has more pressing concerns to deal with. FM Value Last Sale History 9.8 . Origin and 1st Appearance of Captain Marvel, 1st Appearance of Yon-Rogg What is your Marvel Super-Heroes comic book worth? Comics) over Captain Marvel's name, and Marvel beat him in court. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #9 About Analyzer Modeler. Happy to find his experiment a success, the Emperor orders Namor to resume his one man war on the surface world. Letters are published from David Shields, Jim Kyzer, Jacob Kurtessis, and Scott Willet. Unaware of Mordred's duplicity, everyone panics at the disappearance of the king. All rights reserved, Origin and 1st Appearance of Captain Marvel, 1st Appearance of Yon-Rogg. The commanding officer takes the invasion details from the Destroyer and has him locked up in a prison. This is another comic that should be graded, the value of these are getting higher each year. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12 (Apr 1985, Marvel). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Merlin then bestows upon the Percy a new weapon, the mystical Ebony Blade. There the Sub-Mariner informs the crew of the ship that it was he who helped keep the ship together and get them to safety. There the Emperor shows Namor that his once mighty powers have been reduced to only the ability to breath underwater and enhanced strength. This item: Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1-12 Complete Limited Series (Marvel Comics 1984 - 12 Comics) $395.99 Only 3 left in stock - order soon. The Emperor explains to Namor that they have developed a machine that will restore Namor's full strength, invulnerability and flight. JOE A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1 CGC 9.2 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE PAGES Marvel 1982 . shipping: + $14.00 shipping . 1, June, 1984 Issue) Comic – January 1, 1984 by Jim Shooter (Author) 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings Despite Namor's pleas that he has friends on the surface (such as Betty Dean) he has no choice but to follow the Emperor's orders. Cover price $0.20. Unaware of Mordred's duplicity, the Knights of the Round Table sent out searching parties to try and find their missing king, and Mordred feigns a desire to find King Arthur as well. We are all about celebrating your Super Hero self! $195.00. shipping: + $4.99 shipping . From issue #56 until the end of the run (issue #105, 1982), Marvel Super Heroes would settle into being an Incredible Hulk reprint book, with most stories from the 70’s run. When they arrive at the Macklin residence it is just in time to see a bunch of thugs taking Bobby into a car and driving off. Marvel Super-Heroes #13 … Betty Wilson takes the Human Torch and Toro to the hospital to meet Jack Macklin one of her father's best special agents before he took ill. Macklin has asked to meet with the Torch and Toro to express his fears that his son has been hanging out with the wrong crowd of people. Namor holds the American ship together and helps it get back to port. FAST 'N FREE. Marvel Super-Heroes #12 - Marvel 1967 - Discover the value of your comic today. Browse the Marvel Comics issue Marvel Super Heroes (1990) #11. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Find the value of the Marvel comic Marvel Super-Heroes volume 1. 1967 Marvel Super-Heroes 12-13 1st App Captain Marvel 1st AppCarol Danvers! $4 - $9 Have it Want it Apocalypse - Extending Body. Both stories reprinted from Tales to Astonish #87. by Stan Lee and John Buscema. On the coast of France the Destroyer meets with an Allied soldier who hands him plans for an invasion of France. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. The largest online source for comic book pricing in the world. Values . $194.99. Changing back into his civilian guise, Sir Percy welcomes back the king and asks what he can do. Browse a comprehensive A-Z list of Marvel comic characters. The soldier naturally goes to his superior officer and tells him what he has learned. The Destroyer takes the plans and allows himself to get spotted by a Nazi soldier and purposely blurts out that he has a secret invasion plans and disappeared. Introducing Marvel's newest super-hero, Spider-Woman, a refugee from the displaced Denver, Colorado (NOTE: The Beyonder created Battleworld from pieces of hundreds of worlds from … by Stan Lee and Bill Everett. 2 (Vol. But the Captain Marvel and Guardians issues are the most valuable, fetching respectable prices among collectors and on line. Last Sale Oct 2020 ... Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12. There was a legal battle with Myron Fass (M.F. (Marvel Comics) Marvel Super-Heroes #12 Value. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, commonly known as Secret Wars for short, is a 12-issue American comic book crossover limited series published from May 1984 to April 1985 by Marvel Comics.The series was written by Jim Shooter, with art by Mike Zeck and Bob Layton.It was tied-in with toy line of the same name from Mattel G.I. Fair Market Value (FMV) calculated 10/28/2020 ... FM Value Last Sale History 9.8 . In the castle, Mordred suggests that perhaps King Arthur deserted his people, and when Sir Percy calls him a liar, Percy is slapped across the face. When they chase after him in his car, the Destroyer manages to fight off his attackers and steal the car and makes an escape. Bobby explains that the Jet intends to take control of the television transmitter on the top of the Empire State Building and send out a broadcast warning of an atomic attack on the city in order to trick people into fleeing in a panic. MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #12 12/1967 ORIGIN 1ST APPEARANCE CAPTAIN MARVEL CGC 6.5. Learn where to read it, and check out the comic's cover art, variants, writers, & more! While this is going on, the Jet intended to sabotage the city utilities to foment more chaos. Marvel, Super Heroes Values Guide Comic Book & Superheroes Marvel Super Heroes (66 items) Values Guide Help ... 12 Want It. The Destroyer leads the Nazis to a hideout of French resistance fighters. The Torch orders Bobby to go to Chief Wilson to warn him and send men to stop the sabotage of the city utilities while he and Toro go after the Jet. Item Values. There he tells the resistance fighters of the plan and tells them to help keep up the ruse. However before they can suffocate in the room, they are freed by Bobby who has gotten the aid of maintenance workers before going to get the Chief. The Torch decides to start with Bobby Macklin as the boy has been seen hanging out with criminal types recently. 1950s Captain America, Human Torch, and Sub-Mariner As the Torch and Macklin discuss the situation, Toro turns on the television to a special editorial from TV personality Gary Akers. When King Arthur assigns Percy to assist the ladies-in-waiting with their chores, Sir Percy gladly accepts the job, much to Lady Rosamund's chagrin. There he battles more of Mordred's forces, taking one as a prisoner and forcing him to lead him to King Arthur. (Marvel Comics) Marvel Super-Heroes: Secret Wars #12 Value. Story by Jim Shooter. Watch; ... 6 product ratings - Marvel Super Heroes 13 1st First Appearance Captain Carol Danvers Comic Book. Wikis. FMV & Sale … WOW! $31,000 ... Marvel Super-Heroes #12. 32 pages. Either your session has timed out or you need to log in. ", Synopsis for "The Coming of Captain Marvel! ", Synopsis for "The Abduction of King Arthur!". Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki ... Marvel Super-Heroes #12 "The Coming of Captain Marvel!" Percy then goes to meet with Merlin who informs his secret agent that King Arthur is actually prisoner in the castle dungeon. Show Covers only: Sales Rank #99 See Top 2,500 Publisher Marvel • Super-hero Ages_7-12 Ages_13-16 First Issue #1 - May 1984 Last #12 - April 1985 Continued in Secret Wars II This 12-part mini-series was one of the top Marvel series of all time. Marvel Super-Heroes Comic Books 1990 series : Show Covers only: Sales Rank #684 See Top 2,500 Publisher Marvel • Super-hero Ages_7-12 Ages_13-16 First Issue #1 - May 1990 Last #15 - October 1993 Magik goes to Limbo to free someone from a curse. $60 . King Arthur has been kidnapped in the night by the forces of Mordred and locked in one of the dungeons below the castle, unknown to all until morning. Issue(s): Marvel Super Heroes #12, Marvel Super Heroes #13, Captain Marvel #1 Cover Date: Dec 67 - May 68 Title: "The coming of Captain Marvel!" Turning off the gas they pursue the Jet but run into Bobby instead. Marvel Super-Heroes #12, Dec. 1967. Part 7 of 12. Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 (1967–1982) - Marvel Comics Database. Marvel Comics Super Special was a 41-issue series of one-shot comic-magazines published by Marvel Comics from 1977 to 1986. Cover date: December, 1967. YOUR IP AND USERNAME WILL BE STORED WITH THE INFORMATION. However Byrrah has seen to it that it won't work after stealing the formula needed to operate the machine. 1st Appearance of "CAPTAIN MARVEL" (Mar-vell). Art by Mike Zeck and John Beatty. or Best Offer. Disabling the sub, he witnesses Byrrah and his men and his faithful minions flee the sub, in an attempt to make Namor betray the Emperor's orders.